Xzilon Ultimate car protection brochure

Xzilon Protects your Car’s Interior and Exterior

Auto Advice Products Xzilon

Autoland LLC is dedicated to providing the best service to our members, that is why we would like to introduce you to a new product, Xzilon, which will help you keep your car looking like new – inside and out.

Xzilon protects the exterior of your car from:

  • Weather-induced fading
  • UV exposure
  • Oxidation
  • Hard Water Etching
  • Tree sap
  • Acid rain
  • Insect damage including love bugs
  • Accidental spray paint overspray
  • Industrial fallout
  • Birds droppings

It is completely safe for adults, children, and pets, as well as the environment.

Xzilon protects your vehicles’ leather, vinyl, fabric, and carpet against:

  • Oil stains
  • Food stains
  • Beverage stains
  • UV vinyl fading
  • Accidental rips & burns

Xzilon also prevents stains and odor caused by bacteria, microbes, mold, mildew, fungi and algae!

Xzilon provides the following warranty:

  • New vehicles: 7-years/unlimited mileage
  • Pre-owned vehicles: up to 7-years/unlimited mileage depending on age of the car.

Benefits of protecting your investment:

  • Increased trade-in value
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • No need to wax
  • Unlimited claims
  • $0 Deductible
  • Preserves “showroom” new look

Xzilon was originally designed for the aviation industry. Before it was approved for the automobile industry, Xzilon was put through extreme testing by Boeing Commercial Aviation Services. Xzilon will perform to 450 degrees.

If you would like to protect your investment – call us now at 800.234.6999