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Money-Saving Tips for Your Next Car

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If you were denied a car loan, but you still need a car, it’s time to start saving for one. Building a cash reserve might be tough if your budget is already stretched thin, but money-saving tips will help you to make the process less painful.

Start tracking all your expenses.

As they say, “money likes to be counted.” If you don’t know where your money goes to, you don’t know what expenses to cut. So the next step will be:

Temporarily cut some of your expenses.

Eating out can be expensive – try to eat homemade food. It will not only save you some money, but home-made food is much healthier. Take a break from the gym. You can still workout at home or take a run in the park. As a bonus,  you will get more vitamin D (according to Nutrition Research, there is 41.6% deficiency of Vitamin D in US adults.) Consider public transit, where possible, and save on gas.

Consider debt consolidation

If you have credit card debts, talk to your bank or credit union and discuss options of debt consolidations with lower interest rates. If you were successful in that, put aside the amount you saved towards your next car purchase.

Change Providers

According to Mission Fed CU, “switching providers often come with saving on your bill as well as extra incentives.”

Keep the change

Keep the change is one of the tip #DebtFreeDays from SchoolsFirst FCU, “keep your spare change and use [SchoolsFirst’s] free coin machines to turn them into cash […]”

When you save enough to buy a car with your cash, call Autoland LLC (800) 234-6999, and we will help you to find the best car for your budget.

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