Hybrid Technology: The Answer to Better Fuel Economy and Saving Money?

hybrid technology

A few years ago, the popular British car program Top Gear performed a very peculiar road test. They pitted a Hybrid-powered Toyota Prius against a V8-Powered 414-Horsepower BMW M3. The test was simple: the Prius had to drive as fast as possible around their signature race track, and the M3 had to follow. The result was of the test was … Read More

Electric Talk: Affordable Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Fossil Fuel and Internal Combustion — those terms are so 20th century! Even though 99.9% of vehicles on the road today are still fossil-fuel powered; internal combustion technology for propulsion has developed a rather negative connotation, having been the topic surrounding many world conflicts, and having been blamed for global warming. If you are among those who wants to lead … Read More