OC Auto Show 2019 was a blast

truck at Orange county auto show

More than 600 cars were displayed during the annual Orange Country Auto Show in Anaheim Convention Center. Everyone could find something to their taste: SUVs, trucks, sedans, electric and commercial vehicles from more than 35 manufacturers. Jeep’s off-road test track gathered long lines of car fans who were willing to ride along-side a professional 4×4 driver. The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, … Read More

Why a Credit Union could be your Best Auto Financing Option

financing a car with a credit union

Most people turn to banks or rely on dealerships when financing an automobile. However, more and more car buyers are obtaining car loans through credit unions because of some key advantages they offer over banks. Following are the primary reasons reason why financing a new vehicle through a credit union may be your best choice: Credit Unions can offer lower … Read More

Hybrid Technology: The Answer to Better Fuel Economy and Saving Money?

hybrid technology

A few years ago, the popular British car program Top Gear performed a very peculiar road test. They pitted a Hybrid-powered Toyota Prius against a V8-Powered 414-Horsepower BMW M3. The test was simple: the Prius had to drive as fast as possible around their signature race track, and the M3 had to follow. The result was of the test was … Read More

Electric Talk: Affordable Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Fossil Fuel and Internal Combustion — those terms are so 20th century! Even though 99.9% of vehicles on the road today are still fossil-fuel powered; internal combustion technology for propulsion has developed a rather negative connotation, having been the topic surrounding many world conflicts, and having been blamed for global warming. If you are among those who wants to lead … Read More

Great Pre-Owned Cars for New Drivers

best car for new driver

Did you, or someone in your household just successfully pass the driver’s exam? Congratulations, and listen in — this one’s for you! Gaining the ability to legally operate an automobile on public roads is all-important rite of passage in our culture, and for good reason. With 2.7 million miles of paved infrastructure in the United States, driving is a great … Read More

Top 5 Fuel Economy Tips

fuel economy

The days of dollar-a-gallon gasoline are long gone. Today, we wind up spending $50 to $80 every time stop to fill up our gas tanks. Considering the average commuter fills up once a week, we spend a staggering $3,240.00 a year just on gas! Sure, there are plenty of solutions to ease the pain at the pump. Popularized by the … Read More

Selling Your Vehicle Privately

selling car privately

Sooner or later, there comes that point in your life when it is time to get rid of your current vehicle, and get a new one. Regardless of the reason to sell your vehicle, there are a few ways to do it. Taking the car to the dealership as trade-in, or selling it to dealers/brokers is pretty self explanatory. Just … Read More

Used Car Savings: American vs. German Luxury Showdown

corvette stingray

A promotion to the corner office used to mean an immediate trip to a local Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz dealership to get yourself behind the wheel of some top-notch German luxury. Germans had the market cornered, while Cadillac and Lincoln resisted innovation with aging designs, while the Japanese manufactures focused mainly on cheap, bland runabouts. Then came the era of … Read More